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Superauto ( Clip by TVN Turbo)


"Some of you can probably recall the cult tv series "Zmiennicy", especially this yellow "cupboard" made a cabby. And what would you say about riding one with a personal guide, who'll take you on a passionate journey through People's Poland? Check out my report of the tour." youtube

"I decided to check how the nowadays WPT functions in practice. If you wanted to get to discover, among others:
1. Why the Central Department Store had two entrances?
2. What was the original colour of Palace of Culture and Science?
3. Where are the mosaics from the gigantic orthodox church that stood on Pilsudski Square held at?
then you have to book a tour with WPT1313"

Just Well Driven

"Would I recommend WPT1313 to a friend? Totally. And I recommend it to you, since it's one of the coolest ways of touring the capital. I didn't know that People's Poland can be told of in such a passionate way."


"(...) I was surprised by the mint condition of the 125p I was ment to tour the city with. (...) Seems like all cars owned by the company are in the same condition, and buying and reneval of them meant titanic work and hundreds of hours spent on searching for spare parts and even more work for the mechanics. youtube

Unique trip through Warsaw


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