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Two day event „Communism never dies” for 80 people. We had communist slogans, parades, Polish vodka and great fun. Thank you!

One more event for our customer! “Communism never dies” is a team-building touristic event during which our clients find out what communists wanted to replace lemons with and they travel for holidays in a “family” car.


Communism never dies for skanska
Thank you for wonderful afternoon, Skanska! We had competitions, quizzes and prize for winners: a coupon for family holiday in Yugoslavia ;-) See you again! ;-)

Liberty Travel

Must see Warsaw for Liberty Travel
Discover the Diversity of Warsaw for Liberty Travel was very rich program containing Jewish Warsaw, Pre-war Warsaw and a bit of communism. Thank you guys : - )


Must see Warsaw for Liberty Travel
50 people from all over Europe from Net App company, had fun with us on Discover the Diversity of Warsaw event. Thank you : - )


Must see Warsaw for Liberty Travel
Discover the Diversity of Warsaw for UEFA officials. 49 people checked our company. We had lots of history and some communist Poland absurdities for dessert. We’ve also had traditional Polish toasted cheese sandwiches and Polish lemonade!

Amadeus Polska

Discover the Diversity of Warsaw - Integration Game Premiere of our 4 stage urban game for English speaking clients! Quizzes, surprises, vodka, gifts, interesting locations and knowledge about Warsaw. Inspiring company of Amadeus Polska co-workers from Europe and Israel - pleased. Reviews - kind :)

Orlen Gaz

"Zmiennicy Barei" (Bareia's "switchers") - Integration Game Urban game at it's best. Pushers, currency dealers, vodka and surprise adventures! It was a good day, thank you Orlen Gas! Flagship WPT1313 event for Polish speaking clients! Quizzes, competitions and a feast on top of car's hood. Finish - prizes at the Palace of Culture and Science!

Mazurkas Travel

Presentation of Warsaw's attractivity as a tourist destination for incentive tours specialists from all over Europe - Mazurkas Travel clients. A display of WPT1313 capabilities regarding a company event or individual tour.

Amadeus Polska

A guided event in Warsaw for 30 participants Be our guests: a Fiat for everyone!The Amadeus Polska team hosted co-workers from all over Europe. It was great having you, till next time:)


Lazy cruising with beautiful Supernova!

Individual tourists

"The tour was leisurely, plenty of photo opportunities and exchange of knowledge. We went to Krakow where we went on two tours that just weren't in the same league. Well done" - mouserouse, UK

"I expect to repeat this experience again in the near future, and visit more polish cities. Certainly Warsaw in number one and also is WPT!!!Thank you buddy!!!" - stella maris s, Argentina

"I recommend the above tour company, especially if you are looking for knowledgeable, warm, effective and accommodating custom tour, based on your requirements." - Danny S, Canada

"Filled with history, experiences, comprehensive and fun. Even if I was living in Warsaw I would consider it as a great way to spend an afternoon with friends, visitors or by myself. Highly recommended and I will go with them again next time I'm in Warsaw. AC" - RodArt007, Costa Rica

Soundgarden Hotel

There's nothing like a good party! Sound Garden Hotel's first birthday was backed by WPT1313 The force was with us. We're waiting for the next events with our Partner.

Unique trip through Warsaw


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