Socrealist Warsaw
A city game during which you will discover the "other" face of Warsaw.

We will start the game with the symbol of socialist realism - the Palace of Culture and Science. You will have to lead the drivers to the right places and do the task you will find at the designated point.

There will be a pinch of competition, good fun and unforgettable adventure. From this side Warsaw was still unknown to you. Looking for answers to the questions, you will discover details in architecture that we do not see in everyday running.

You will dance walkabka with work leaders, look for and interpret socialist monuments and sculptures, take pictures and arrange fragments of works of famous writers in the right order.
We guarantee good fun and some traffic ;-)

Let us take you on a fascinating journey back in time. We will show you how life behind the Iron Curtain looked like. Experience a regular day in a communist country and everyday struggles of common people. Experience history and see it with your own eyes.

To see how life under communism looked like, how people had to struggle in these hard times, could be a historical, theoretical, filled with information but deadly boring tour. We don’t want that!!!

The game aims at mixing the educational and integrative purposes as the participants gain some interesting knowledge on Polish capital, but also learn plenty of anecdotes and enjoy an entertaining adventure. The activity covers a major part of the city’s centre and is very complete, but all of the information is showed in an entertaining way.