Communism tour

Comrades! Citizens! Tourist groups in Warsaw! Are you ready to travel back in time with us?

If so, then hop on board of our Jelcz 043 bus, the legendary “Cucumber” (“Ogórek”). Our vehicle will take you for a unique adventure on which you will get to know Polish communism inside out. 

You will find out how regular people lived like and how lived their beloved communist politicians. Our guide will tell you what did the leaders like to eat, are there any secret tunnels connecting the most important buildings of that epoch. We will show you bars and places visited for “just one shot” and we will take you to the most important propaganda investments of those times. All the time you will be accompanied by the spirit of the almighty uncle Stalin. On our bus you will ride through four decades of Polish communism. Starting from the dull 50’s and 60’s, via the times of propaganda of success of the 70’s to absurdities of the falling system in the 80’s.

We will start our journey by the Palace of Culture and Science where from the majestic tribune you will feel like communist leaders taking the parades. Then you will go to Constitution Square to admire the architecture of socialist realism. Next stop will be House of The Party where you can check if the red heart of the communism is still beating. Finally, we will visit Muranów district to see houses “built with the powers of the whole society.” But it’s not all. During the journey our guide will share their knowledge, tell you some curiosities and anecdotes about the communist period. If you cannot wait, just hop on and enjoy the ride through the times when everyone was equal but some were more equal than others!