Communism tour in a Retro Bus - "Cucumber"

Communism, socialism – nostalgic, tragic. Nonsensical, full of hardship, yet fun. Where does our sentiment towards the socialist era come from? Tour all about it!

Our guide will show you places of communist Warsaw that have not changed much, and still have that something that makes them a unique monument of the past. With the help of our unforgettable retro bus called "Cucumber", and a set of pictures and stories from the era, you will travel in time to the era that changed our lives forever. The tour highlights the most recognizable the Palace of Culture and Science and Constitution Square – most impressive landmarks of socialist-realism architecture.

With the help of your guide you’ll co-create a special route for the day, featuring icons of socialist-realism and modernism and stories from the era. You will visit places vital to the post-war, communist Warsaw, the city which is being recreated since late 1940’s. The guide will tell you more about the life of a typical citizen of a socialist country. If you’d like, we will also treat you with a shot of local Polish vodka to let you dive deeper into communist atmosphere. Anything for our comrades!

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