Fall in Love with Warsaw

The game aims at mixing the educational and integrative purposes as the participants gain some interesting knowledge on Polish capital, but also learn plenty of anecdotes and enjoy an entertaining adventure. The activity covers a major part of the city’s centre and is very complete, but all of the information is showed in an entertaining way.

It is commonly known that life in Warsaw is no piece of cake. You are young and educated, but finding your place on the labour market in such a big city is not easy. One day you find a job offer in Warsaw Private Taxi company. Perfect! You think you only need to learn how to drive, but nothing could be further from the truth. WPT is a company with traditions. If you want to make your dreams come true and join the exclusive club of Warsaw taxi drivers you have to master Warsaw’s history. You will have to complete some tasks in Polish typical retro Fiats around the city centre. Your knowledge will be tested by:

  • The Little Insurrectionist
  • The King from Royal Castle
  • The Accordion Player
  • Chopin’s friend

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