Day Trip from Warsaw

A private tour to The German Nazi Penal Labour and Extermination Camp in Treblinka, where during II World War more than 800 000 Polish Jews were murdered. During this 6 hour tour you will visit the site of the former camps and hear the story of survivals.

Let us take you to a private tour to Majdanek – one of the best preserved Nazi German Concentration Camp from II World War in Poland.

It is a full day trip to the former German Nazi extermination and concentration camp, Auschwitz-Birkenau, and one of the most beautiful polish cities, Krakow. Visiting these two places helps to understand the complicated history of Poland.

A full day trip to the infamous symbol of the Holocaust, KL Auschwitz – Birkenau, the former German Nazi concentration and extermination camp. A visit at this darksome place is emotionally exhausting but every history enthusiast must see this place.

Visit Krakow, considered one of the most beautiful cities in Poland and located nearby Wieliczka Salt Mine, a monument of the world material culture, that was placed on the first list of UNESCO heritage in 1978.

A full day trip to Krakow, by many considered the most beautiful city in Poland, to Kazimierz, one of the Krakow’s districts, that used to be Jewish quarter and to the former factory of a man who saved over 1.000 Jews, Oscar Schindler.

Lodz is the third largest city in Poland that hundred years ago used to be the center of the polish industry. This is the place where fortunes of the most powerful polish businessmen were made. For that reason Lodz used to be called the Promised Land or the Polish Manchester. However, the greatest strength of this city comes from its history.

A private day trip to Wolf’s Lair (Polish: Wilczy Szaniec), one of the most important military headquarters of Adolf Hitler, where he spent approximately 800 days in the years 1941-44.

Who really was Frederic Chopin? An ingenious pianist and artist? One of the most talented Polish composers of romanticism era? Or a humble piano student, that dreamed of fame and recognition? With our knowledgeable guide you’ll get to know much more about him!

Leave the bustle of the big city and take a trip to Mazovian countryside just 90 km from Warsaw. Travel back in time and see how people in 19th century lived like. Feel the contrast between aristocracy and rural population.