Warsaw Praga district is a magical fragment of Warsaw. It is exotic and exceptional due to the fact that it was far less affected by World War II than the rest of the city.

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It is the only place in which you can feel the real spirit of past Warsaw. A tour around Praga district is like travelling back in time.

The experience is even more special thanks to the iconic communist-era vehicle, our retro Jelcz bus “Cucumber” that takes you to Praga. To make this tour yet more exciting, there will be a guide on board waiting to take you to this amazing part of Warsaw.

You will look at the former vodka factory “Koneser” and find out if alcohol had any impact on this district. Discover where is the longest operating marketplace in Warsaw and check out yourself what is sold here now.

You will also drop by Praga “Bermuda Triangle” to find out about the origin of its name and see if you can leave it (without losing anything). The neighbourhood is very popular among filmmakers and you will find out why Polanski chose it to be the set for “The Pianist”. It is full of street art and you can see the best of it thanks to this tour. The industrial history of this area will perfectly combine with the smell of chocolate from the nearby Wedel Chocolate Factory.

Let us take you for this incredible journey. We set off for Praga every Saturday morning at 11.00 and it lasts around 2,5 hour.

Starting point is the main entrance to the Palace of Culture and Science. Look for a big blue or red bus parked in front of the building. Hop on and enjoy the ride!