Private Tours


Your first time in Warsaw? You don’t have much time but it would be nice to have an overall idea of Warsaw, Poles and Poland? Our guides can fix this dilemma. We’ll show you the Warsaw’s must-sees that will uncover the big picture!

Get on board our retro Fiat 125p and discover the most historic parts of Warsaw city. In just 4 hours you will learn the most important historical events of Poland's capital city.

Get to know a fascinating story about the people whose dignity has never perished. Creative and brave separately, strong and invincible as a society – the Warsaw Jews.

Communism, socialism – nostalgic, tragic. Nonsensical, full of hardship, yet fun. Where does our sentiment towards the socialist era come from? Tour all about it!

If you prefer to know the country by its liquors and the city by its bars, then this is what you need! Get into retro Fiat 125p and prepare yourself for unforgettable night ride in Warsaw. You will go on a vodka tasting tour!

The legendary polish cabaret Tey used to say “We were living our best times before the war” and they were right in some aspects. The prewar Warsaw was a magical place. Beautiful buildings, trim squares, elegant stores, colorful neon signs, well dressed gentlemen and classy women were its identification mark.

How to trick a trickster? Take a peek around the other side of the town… More adventurous than risky, Praga has survived the war turmoil and is now an asylum of Warsaw’s bohemian culture, blooming with large cultural and housing investments.

Who really was Frederic Chopin? An ingenious pianist and artist? One of the most talented Polish composers of romanticism era? Or a humble piano student, that dreamed of fame and recognition?

If the Chopin’s music plays in your hart and his mazurkas wake you up every day, you absolutely need to go on this tour and become friends with this great composer and pianist.