Charm & Elegance that is... Pre-War Warsaw

The legendary polish cabaret Tey used to say “We were living our best times before the war” and they were right in some aspects. The prewar Warsaw was a magical place. Beautiful buildings, trim squares, elegant stores, colorful neon signs, well dressed gentlemen and classy women were its identification mark.

Thanks to all that aspects, Warsaw started to be called Paris of the north and this expression was no exaggerated. On this tour we will go back in time and we will try to find relicts from the prewar Warsaw. Let us take you on a journey to the world of typically Polish charming elegance. It’s a tale about romantic and dedicated gentlemen and their muses. A world that still exists among the hearts of many…

The journey in time begins with a proper introduction to the ideas of our pre-war world. Then, while moving along in our nostalgic car, Fiat 125p, with each of the residences, parks and statues we pass, we’ll get closer to our goal – the lovable and green Żoliborz district. Driving around its officer’s, journalist and official’s parts, that took their names from the professions of their inhabitants, while getting accustomed to local stories, you’ll find yourself understanding our charming pre-war times.

To feel deeper the spirit of the past, we will stop for a moment in Stare Bielany district, that is full of old architecture and where you can still find, the last in the city, gas lanterns.

*Our tours have a goal to be something special. They combine intelligible history class with unknown anecdotes related with Warsaw.