On the Track of Polish Communism

Communism, socialism – nostalgic, tragic. Nonsensical, full of hardship, yet fun. Where does our sentiment towards the socialist era come from? Tour all about it!

We invite you to take part in a unique tour of Warsaw of the communist era. On board our retro Fiat 125p you will have the opportunity to find out how much this city has changed after the Second World War. Our guide will take you to places where time has stopped.

You will learn how the capital was rebuilt from war damage, what ideas the communist authorities had for the Warsaw reconstruction, which of these plans were implemented and which remained only on paper. Together with the driver of our unique taxi, you will look for old advertising murals of the Polish People's Republic or for cult and existing venues. You will talk about famous residents of the communist Warsaw and you will listen to the funny anecdotes about them.

You will also see iconic buildings like the Palace of Culture and Science, you will learn why it’s called the gift from Moscow and how many cats live in its interiors. You will see the Stalin-era architecture at the Constitution Square that used to be the most representative communist housing district. You will visit the former Headquarter of the Communist Party and you will hear stories about it.

At the end of the journey, we will go to the other side of the Vistula river to see the Praga district where you will see the former black market Różycki’s Bazaar and our small museum – an apartment that will make you feel like you were back in ‘70s.

And if you would like to immerse yourself deeper in that era, you will be given traditional polish vodka shot and a little snack. Are you ready for a great socialist adventure?