Traces of Fryderyk Chopin - Full Day

If the Chopin’s music plays in your hart and his mazurkas wake you up every day, you absolutely need to go on this tour and become friends with this great composer and pianist.

Let us take you on a fascinating journey that will be divided in two parts and will also provide some lunch at the milk bar, where you will try traditional polish dish “pierogi” (dumplings). On the route you will learn about the composer’s life so there is no better place to start the tour at than Żelazowa Wola, where Fryderyk Chopin was born. This renovated manor house from XVIII century houses today a biographical museum of a Musician. Building is surrounded by a beautiful, modernist park filled with rare species of plants, many ponds and two glass pavilions (one of them is a concert hall), upon the river Utrata. If you are tired of the big city chaos, it’s also a great place to take a breath and stay closer to nature. On our way back, we will go to Brochów, a small village nearby, to see the church when Frederyk Chopin was baptized.

To follow the path of Chopin’s life, we will go back to Warsaw and visit some places connected to his life. We’ll give you a tour through Fryderyk Chopin Museum*, and the Holy Cross Church – the place of burial of the composer’s heart. Just by the corner you’ll visit a XIXth century apartment, where Chopin’s family lived. Along the way you’ll hear the great story of Chopin’s romance with George Sand. If it’s Sunday, there is something special for you – a walk through Łazienki Garden up to the Chopin’s statue, where you’ll be treated to a live piano concert. And yes, they play Chopin!

*Tickets for the museum are not included.

You can add the Chopin piano concert to your reservation. Ask for details.