You’ve already visited the top tourist attractions in Warsaw? Tired of traditional form of touring? Hop on board of our well-known Fiat 126p a.k.a „Toddler” and take a self-drive tour to not-so-well-known spots of Warsaw!

Our guides will show you some of most interesting attractions which are not present in a typical Warsaw tour. Visit a neighborhood of constructors of Palace of Culture and Science with its wooden housing and find out what is there now. Enter a completely different world in Old Bielany district. A beautiful interwar-era housing district with its gas lanterns (last ones in the city) and some modernist architecture in close vicinity. You will drive by an authentic 19th c. fortification- The Warsaw Citadel – located just by the city center. While driving around our guide will entertain you with stories connected with the places.

Tour takes place on following days:

Monday 10 AM

Tuesday 1 PM

Thursday 1 PM

Friday 10 AM

Saturday 1 PM

Sunday 1 PM