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Hop on board a historic Fiat 125p, the iconic 1980s car and a symbol of Warsaw’s communist years and be prepared for an unforgettable ride. Your guide will provide you an entertaining commentary about life in Warsaw and also will treat you to a tasty snack and polish vodka shot. You will get to know what it means to be Polish today and what it meant during the difficult times of the World War II.

Apart from that, you will explore the...

  • 4h 1-2 PEOPLE

    139 EUR

  • 4h 3-4 PEOPLE

    179 EUR

Treblinka, more specific Treblinka II, is the second biggest death camp, after Birkenau, where German and Austrian Nazis murdered more than 800 000 Polish Jews with dozens of thousands more Poles in forced labour camp nearby. In the camp, located 1,5 hour drive from Warsaw, we can’t see barracks nor crematories. It’s not here now and wasn’t before. Jews from Warsaw Ghetto were brought there in unhuman condition by trains and were herde...

  • 1-2 PEOPLE

    280 EUR

  • 3-4 PEOPLE

    360 EUR

  • 5-7 PEOPLE

    470 EUR

Our knowledgeable driver-guide will show you around and tell you about important places for Jewish history in Warsaw. The tour begins with the last remains of the Ghetto wall, significant symbol of Jewish oppression. You will discover the everyday realities of Jewish life thanks to a set of pictures and historical stories. We willl visit Grzybowski Square, which is known as the oldest and still functioning Jewish community center in Warsaw,...

  • 4h 1-2 PEOPLE

    139 EUR

  • 4h 3-4 PEOPLE

    179 EUR

It is the only place in which you can feel the real spirit of past Warsaw. A tour around Praga district is like travelling back in time.

The experience is even more special thanks to the iconic communist-era vehicle, our retro Jelcz bus “Cucumber” that takes you to Praga. To make this tour yet more exciting, there will be a guide on board waiting to take you to this amazing part of Warsaw.

You will look at the former vodk...

  • Regular ticket

    25 EUR