Vodka Night Tour

If you prefer to know the country by its liquors and the city by its bars, then this is what you need! Get into retro Fiat 125p and prepare yourself for unforgettable night ride in Warsaw. You will go on a vodka tasting tour!

Get start by being picked up from your hotel, where you already get something for starters! A shot of Polish herbal vodka to start this vodka night. You get on board your vehicle – an yellow retro cabby from communist times which takes you to the first stop the Polish Vodka Museum which is located on the other side of Warsaw, so to get there, you ride through amazingly picturesque down town and cross Vistula river with one of our spectacular bridges. The museum is offering interactive exhibitions, presentations and screenings, presenting the history of vodka production throughout the ages, as well as information and fun facts about the impact of vodka on shaping Polish culture and about its international career. You will be familiarized with the process of vodka production, raw materials used for it and also its various flavours. After an informative tour of the museum you will have the opportunity to taste three different types of polish vodka in a special service sector.

The next place for a drink is a bohemian bar in Praga district, which for long time has been considered as dark side of the city and its mysterious atmosphere still has impact on people.  Over there you will taste yet another 3 types of vodka with traditional polish snack a bread with herring.

Then we will go to the Muranów district. Here, in a bar dating back to 60s’ you will drink 5 different types of vodka and get some bread with lard and cucumber as a snack. The guide will tell you about the fascinating, yet harsh communist times in Warsaw and in Poland, the staff will introduce you to fascinating story of the place and a beautiful neon will let you feel like in the streets of communist Warsaw. 

After end of this tour you can be either dropped at your hotel or enjoy the rest of the night going wild in some more Warsaw pubs! Feel free to ask for recommendations!